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Wedding Design

Pass The Torch

Who better to design your wedding than a seasoned floral designers?

You have ideas. You have a storyboard. You even have a Pinterest page. You have that knockout dress and you can't wait for everyone to see its fabulousness the day of your dream wedding!

Yet you are overwhelmed.

Enter the designer...

Our design service is an additional benefit to booking our services for your wedding flowers that separates the "floral designer" from the "florist."

Fully planned wedding design and wedding flowers

Isn't This Wedding Planning?

Yes, and no. Each consultation we have entered into to discuss wedding flowers whether for a local wedding or destination wedding reveals so many moving parts but more importantly the resistance many brides can feel. A resistance to just let it fly...the ideas, the thoughts, the vision. You will plan this magical wedding day once, of course there is a bit of fear! 

Extraordinary, and unique, wedding bouquets

The Consultation Process

Our consultation with you will be unlike any other. You will find yourself answering questions that may seem to have no relevance to wedding flowers or wedding planning yet these are carefully crafted to bring forth from you your vision and ideas that may be hidden. We've had clients thank us for the "therapy" when we finished our meeting! Our meeting with you will be an educational one where you will learn the psychology of fresh flowers and design and will be given a glimpse into what we will bring to your wedding day. Based on your depth of planning and professionals already booked before you meet with us we will offer you our honest opinion as to what will work perfectly, and of course we will certainly reveal our concerns to you.

Wedding bouquets creatively designed

The Art Of Wedding Design

The service of wedding and event design we offer is a step up from wedding flowers and a step just shy of wedding planning.

This is an add on service for clients who do not need a full wedding planning service but do need additional direction with the process of pairing themselves with the professionals that will best serve not only their needs but the look, feel, and psychology of the wedding. It is through our first consultation that your specifics needs will be revealed to you. Quite frankly you will know what level of service you will need us for without us telling you before we finish our consultation.

Residential wedding design
The finest professionals for your wedding planning details

Wedding & Event Design

The art of designing a wedding for a client can be like pairing a fine wine with a masterfully prepared meal. It is a full examination and assessment of specific needs and temperament between a client and potential professionals that will serve each other on many levels with the aim of perfection and the ultimate takeaway from your dream day, sweet memories that will make an impression to last a lifetime. 

Ready to make a start in creating those memories? Check the availability of your wedding date by submitting a consultation request.

The finest professionals for your wedding planning details
The finest professionals for your wedding planning details
The finest professionals for your wedding planning details
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