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More Frequently Asked Questions

  • I've been a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding and the florist just sent someone to "drop off" the wedding flowers. Who presents my wedding flowers to me the day of my wedding?"
    On your wedding day we will be there to assist in the handling of your bridal bouquets and personal wedding flowers. We work closely with your wedding professionals involved and cater our day to your most important timeline.
  • I've looked at wedding pictures and the boutonnieres the groom and his men are wearing and they don't look right. I've even seen them placed on the wrong lapel! Do you pin on all of these treatments for me?
    Yes!!! We do not let anyone pin on the boutonnieres or personal flowers. As we work closely with the men and your family our eyes look upon everyone as though they are the lens of your wedding photographer's camera. After all, it's all about the pictures when your wedding photographer presents your portfolio to you.
  • Who will be setting up the centerpieces at the wedding venue?
    Our team works closely with your venue coordinator to begin your wedding installation at the reception. We will work closely with your concierge to ensure perfection. At the conclusion of your ceremony we travel to the venue to add finishing touches and make adjustments as necessary.
  • Am I responsible for returning the items that I rent from you for the wedding reception?
    Absolutely not! Your responsibility is to enjoy every moment of your wedding reception. We work closely with the wedding venue to return at the end of the celebration to strike your wedding. All of the rented items will be retrieved by us.
  • Is there a minimum dollar value to book your services?
    Indeed there is. Our calendar is limited on space as our policy for wedding bookings is one on any given date. This ensures absolute perfection! Our minimum for a wedding flower booking on prime dates is 10,000$. -This may include delivery, setup, and strike fees as well as applicable taxes.
  • Is there a fee for a consultation with Twigs?
    Indeed there is. The fee to spend time with us exploring your dream and the guidance we will give to you is 75$. This nominal fee will be applied to your wedding budget upon a booking with Twigs.
  • What is your deposit schedule to be added to your calendar?
    Weddings are added to our calendar on a first-come, first-serve basis and are added only when an initial retainer and signed contract are received. Our typical schedule of payments is as follows: -One-third initial retainer. -Additional one-third 90 days before your wedding. -Final payment is due two weeks before or at the time of our final detailing appointment. (Deposit schedules can be individually tailored upon request.)
  • What happens if my tastes change? If I want to change a theme or color scheme?
    After over 20 years of service to our clients it is truly expected to see a bride change her mind when it comes to her wedding flowers or theme. We change it. It's that simple!
  • A family member wants to make the centerpieces, will you design my personal wedding flowers for me?"
    Unfortunately no. It is our policy to never mix any of our art and design work with another's effort.
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