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Wedding Flowers

The Process - Sourcing

The process of creating fabulous designs in wedding flowers begins by sourcing. The floral industry is an incredible global playground of every bloom imaginable. Whether its a look of unique greens from Israel or New Zealand, fresh bulb cuts or specific hydrangea from Holland, or delicate orchids from Thailand, sourcing and capturing the perfect wedding flowers can be exhilarating as we navigate the whims of the flower markets and auctions or hold steady with Mother Nature's temperamental shifts. The coolest part of being able to tap into these markets is that with the exception of a few different blooms your selection in wedding flowers is always a quick inquiry away. And with the expedition of global flights your wedding flowers arrive with perfect timing, and freshness!

Your wedding flowers begin arriving up to a week before your wedding or as soon as the day before depending on the level of care and preparation needed to ensure that they are at their near-peak performance, their brilliance, for your wedding day. As your wedding flowers begin arriving they undergo a process; each bloom requires a different level of care. Different preservatives and different temperatures will be used based on your wedding flower's role that they will play in your dream day and all of this preparation will be balanced with guess who? Mother Nature. Careful consideration will be given to the weather expected on your wedding day including the temperature, humidity, and the length of your timeline. Even the location, be it on the coast or inland, will have a bit of a bearing on how your wedding flowers will be treated before they are magically transformed into art.

Wedding boutonnieres created with flair

The Design of Wedding Flowers

Each floral designer has a different process when it comes to designing wedding flowers. The execution of creating designs is rather simple...yet it isn't. My method of wedding flower design has grown organically much like the blooms that we work with. We will design one wedding or event on a given day. We have found that when multiple weddings are created in a day the danger and likelihood of something being lost in translation is increased, dramatically. And this has become a variable that we've eliminated. The result of this is that each wedding is designed the day of. Yes most designs can be finished the day before, and many floral designers use this practice. We've found that many, if not most, designs begin to degenerate and lose their power when this happens. 

Our day of designing begins long before you rise the day of your wedding. The time leading up to your wedding day is an exciting time for you as all of your energy culminates into a wonderful new reality. Our time leading up to your wedding day is very much the same. It is carefully mapped out. The day of your wedding we take that vision we have worked on for so long and begin its execution. Each and every bloom and vessel that will be used has been prepared and is ready for that "day of" designing marathon. Our method is simply an exact precision resulting in perfection.

Your Dream Day

Long before we begin the execution of designing your wedding flowers we have spent a great deal of time in planning and review leading to perfection. Our day is all about you! Our timeline coincides with you as we conspire to reach numerous goals. The greatest compliment we receive doesn't come from only our clients but from other professionals that are a part of your wedding. We're often met with the question "Why are you still here?" or the statement "I can't believe you do this for your clients, most designers do not." 

What does this mean for you?

As we work our magic through your timeline we work through the lens of your photographer's camera. We're working to ensure that the best possible images are being captured. Your bridal bouquets are presented to you before you slip on that gorgeous dress allowing your wedding photographer to snap away. Our goal of seamlessness continues as we meet with the "guys" to pin on each of their boutonnieres. (We don't allow anyone else to touch the treatments; we've seen the nightmare images.) We're at the ceremony location to instruct the men on what they are to be doing, from greeting your guests to seating your guests, and most definitely asking them to have your guests turn their phone ringers off! As you arrive at the church or ceremony location we're there to usher you in and help with the lining up of your wedding party, and more. We're there to instruct the ladies on the holding, the handling, of their bouquets to be sure that there is consistency. You ever look at a wedding album or portfolio and see the imperfections? It's heartbreaking, especially when you are so invested financially. As we spend time at the ceremony location a team is most likely already at your reception venue setting up for you, your family, and your guests. As you finish your ceremony and make your exit we are still there! We will be the last person you speak with and see before you begin your walk down the aisle to your new life, we are also there as you exit to view the condition of your bouquets and flowers before you leave to enjoy your formals with your wedding photographer. Adjustments are made right there if necessary.

Amazing wedding bouquets tastefully designed
Elevated wedding table designs
Lo-profile wedding centerpieces

Your Dream Evening

After all of the careful consideration given to your wedding flowers from the first consultation right up until the wedding day you will arrive at your ceremony location with a great idea of what to expect in the final look yet your wonder will finally be met with what may be the most important finishing touch to your day outside of your fabulous dress...the flowers! Our staff and I will transform the space with beauty!

As your guests begin to arrive to enjoy a cocktail and appetizer, anxiously waiting for your arrival, we will be a part of the background. Our vision is always tempered by what we are presenting you, your family, and your guests. And again, your photographer. Most times we are awaiting your arrival to give your bridal bouquet, maids' bouquets and other flower treatments one more look before you make your own splash as "Mr. and Mrs."

The needs and level of involvement with each of our clients, whether its for wedding flowers only, wedding planning and wedding flowers, or full wedding design will determine our course for the rest of the evening. If rental items are to be retrieved we will return at the conclusion of your celebration. If you have contracted us for the wedding flowers or wedding and event design our presence will be felt throughout the evening as we continue that strive for perfection.

Are you ready to be spoiled?

Let's start by checking the availability of your wedding date by submitting a consultation request.

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