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Do I Have To Ask These Questions About My Wedding Flowers?

Dahlias or hydrangeas? Ranunculus, roses or peony? The choices are near endless when it comes to your wedding flowers, so it's crucial to find and book a wedding florist who undercovers and understands your vision AND has design talents to replicate the one you're envisioning for your dream day. To make sure you get the wedding flowers of your dreams, ask your designer these important questions during your wedding consultation.

Your Wedding Date: (It's wise to ask these questions before your consultation.)

•Are you available on my wedding date? •How many other weddings will you schedule or design on the same day? •Have you designed wedding flowers at my ceremony and reception location(s) before? If not, are you familiar with the sites? •Are you available to do a walk-through of my wedding venue before the wedding? If so, do you charge a fee for this? •Will you be designing my arrangements yourself or will it be another designer? •How far in advance of the wedding will you create the bridal bouquets, ceremony flowers, and wedding centerpieces? How do you store them?

Floral Budget:

•Do you require a minimum budget for florals to book your wedding services? •What recommendations can you give me to maximize my budget? •Do you offer specific packages for wedding flowers or is everything customized?

Background Check:

•How long have you been designing wedding flowers? •How many weddings have you designed? •Do you have a portfolio of weddings you've recently done that I may view?

Floral Design:

•How would you describe your design style? Traditional, modern, rustic, organic? •Based on my wedding style and budget, what set of floral arrangements would I need? •Which flowers would you recommend based on the time of year or season? Color palette? Budget? •Do you substitute flowers? •If I give you a picture of a bouquet and/or centerpiece that I like, can you recreate it? •What types of vases/vessels do you suggest? And do I rent them from you or do I get to keep them? •What other décor elements can you provide (aisle carpet, candelabras, trees, chuppah, votives, mirrors, etc.)? Are these rental items? •Can you create sample arrangements before I sign the contract? If so, is there an additional fee for this? Or is a sample consultation included? •Will you work with my cake designer if I decide to add flowers to my wedding cake? •What color lighting would you recommend based on flowers and color scheme? •Can you assist me in the preservation of my bouquet after the wedding? If not, can you recommend someone?

Payment & Logistics:

•Do you charge a delivery fee? •Is there an extra charge for the setup and striking of the floral décor? •How long will you need to set up? •What time do you arrive to deliver personal flowers? The ceremony flowers? The reception flowers? •Is there an extra fee to have you to stay throughout the ceremony to move floral arrangements to the reception site? •Are there additional fees that have not already been taken into account? •How far in advance should I book your services? •How much of a deposit is required and when is it due? •When is my final payment due? •How long before my wedding do we meet for a final consultation? •Will you provide me with an itemized floral proposal of all the elements we've discussed, along with prices? •What is your refund policy if for some reason I need to cancel my contract? •When can I expect to receive my contract from you?

To answer the question posed in the title of this blog...YES! You do need to ask your wedding florist these questions. And quite frankly all of the answers should be revealed to you throughout your wedding consultation as a matter of course. A skilled wedding florist and designer will speak to each of these questions easily, especially if they wish to educate you along the way as you plan your dream day.

Curious to know my answers to these questions? Click here for my answers.

Have a question you would like to see answered here on my blog or wish to know about the services I offer in wedding planning or wedding flowers shoot me an email at

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